Calendar Year: 2021

Calendar Year: Calendar Year: 2021

Date Announcement
23/12/2021 Interim Report
16/12/2021 Empyrean raises £7.623 million (US$10.14m) to fully fund Jade prospect drilling
15/11/2021 Exercise of 12p Warrants
12/11/2021 Exercise of 12p Warrants
11/11/2021 Block 29/11, China -Empyrean and COSL Execute Final Drilling Contract for Jade Prospect
03/11/2021 Block 29/11, China - Operations Update Jade Prospect Drilling
26/10/2021 Exercise of 12p Warrants
21/10/2021 Extension to Exercise Period for Placing Warrants
20/10/2021 Exercise of 12p Warrants
19/10/2021 Exercise of 12p Warrants
14/10/2021 Exercise of 12p Warrants
13/10/2021 Exercise of 12p Warrants
12/10/2021 Exercise of 12p Warrants
11/10/2021 Second Price Monitoring Extension
11/10/2021 Price Monitoring Extension
06/10/2021 Exercise of 12p Warrants
05/10/2021 Jade prospect drilling, Offshore China- Well site survey contract awarded
23/09/2021 Results of Annual General Meeting
23/09/2021 AGM Company Presentation
02/09/2021 Block 29/11, China - Award of Drilling Contract for Jade Prospect including significantly reduced drilling cost estimate and December target Spud Date
27/08/2021 Posting of Annual Report and Notice of Annual General Meeting
26/08/2021 Final Results
26/07/2021 Holdings in Company
09/07/2021 Empyrean completes £5.02 million (US$6.92m) Placement in preparation for Jade Prospect drilling in 2021
12/05/2021 Second Price Monitoring Extension
12/05/2021 Price Monitoring Extension
12/05/2021 Second Price Monitoring Extension
12/05/2021 Price Monitoring Extension
05/05/2021 Block 29/11, China - Jade prospect well design and well engineering project
29/04/2021 Second Price Monitoring Extension
29/04/2021 Price Monitoring Extension
27/04/2021 Jade Drilling - Well design and engineering Project
23/04/2021 Price Monitoring Extension
22/04/2021 US Tax Refund Received
12/04/2021 Block 29/11, China - Upgraded Internal Geological Chance of Success
25/03/2021 Sacramento Basin Assets
18/03/2021 Second Price Monitoring Extension
18/03/2021 Price Monitoring Extension
04/03/2021 US Tax Refund
06/01/2021 Second Price Monitoring Extension
06/01/2021 Price Monitoring Extension