The Directors are committed to maintaining high standards of corporate governance.

The Directors have established procedures, so far as is practicable, given the Company’s size, to comply with the Combined Code as modified by the recommendations of the Quoted Companies Alliance. The Company has adopted and operates a share dealing code for directors and senior employees on substantially the same terms as the Model Code and MAR appended to the Listing Rules of the UKLA.

The Board

The Board meets regularly throughout the year. To enable the Board to perform its duties, each of the Directors has full access to all relevant information and to the services of the Company Secretary. If necessary the non-executive directors may take independent professional advice at the Company’s expense.

The Board has delegated specific responsibilities to the committees described below.

The Audit Committee

The audit committee comprises John Laycock and Patrick Cross. The committee reviews the Company’s annual and interim financial statements before submission to the Board for approval. The committee also reviews regular reports from management and the external auditors on accounting and internal control matters. When appropriate, the committee monitors the progress of action taken in relation to such matters. The committee also recommends the appointment of, and reviews the fees of, the external auditors.

Audit Committee Charter

The Remuneration Committee

The remuneration committee is made up of John Laycock and Patrick Cross. . It is responsible for reviewing the performance of the Executive Directors and for setting the scale and structure of their remuneration, paying due regard to the interests of shareholders as a whole and the performance of the Company.

Remuneration Committee Charter